My favorite incomplete game. Only Free Ski is fully working. GS is somewhat playable but is buggy. Slalom is completely broken. The whole game is based loosely on Free Ski. Enjoy!


To navigate: Menu buttons will appear and disappear depending on the game. They will bring you back to the menu which is pretty straight forward. Either click or tap to use the button.

For Free Ski: Use arrows to move if on PC. Up will make you tuck, Down will make you wedge. Any button should start the game.

On mobile, tilt controls to move. Tap the wedge and tuck boxes to do each.

For GS: Tap within the upcoming targets to hit the gates. The first few gates will have a visible target but will quickly disappear. Perfect turns will speed you up, medium turns shouldn't do much, and bad turns will slow you down.

After X number of missed turns or bad turns, either a snowman will attack you or you will crash.

There is a bar that will let you know how close the snowman in at the top of the screen.

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